The Bingo Finder’s 5 best… Bingo Prize Nights

Now, we all love us some bingo bucks here at the Bingo Finder, but every so often, we find ourselves hankering after some swag of the old fashioned variety. As much as money is never far from our minds in an online bingo game, sometimes we like to play for something a little different. Which is where Bingo Prize Nights come in. Read on for our top picks of the very best non-cash prizes that you can regularly play for right now!

What is it?!

So, the general premise with online bingo is that you’re playing for cash. And normally this is the case – after all, your ticket money goes into a pot in standard bingo games which you can then scoop if you’re lucky enough. But a bingo prize night works in a slightly different way. It’s actually a bit like a guaranteed jackpot – only you don’t get cash, just some top of the line prizes. Generally these are electrical items like TV’s, DVD players or Home Cinema systems, laptops, MP3 Players – or occasionally things like pampering gift sets or shopping vouchers.

Why do I want it?!

Well, like they say, money isn’t everything – and generally, these prize nights come with a great price tag and even better prizes. Sometimes we’ve found these games to be a little less packed than some of the big money guaranteed jackpot games that are always crowd pleasers, which means you might find yourself scooping the top prize. And of course, if you’re MP3 player has just broken or you fancy a high street splurge, you could find yourself satisfied in seconds!

Where can I get it?!

Although loadsa old and new bingo sites will feature one off prize promotions, the following five dazzlers have made our list for giving us some super swag on a regular basis. Try your hand at some of these, and see what you can walk away with!

Wink Bingo – Hidden Treasures and Booty Call

Technically, it’s two separate games, which is why Wink Bingo definitely bag our top spot for the best prize nights around. Look out for the Hidden Treasures game every Sunday at 9:15pm. There’s a prebuy option, tickets cost £1 and you could win anything from a Laptop to a PS3 to a Digital Camera to £300 worth of High Street vouchers. Prizes change weekly, adding even more fun to the mix! And in addition, there’s also the fab Booty Call game, playing every Wednesday at 9.15pm and offering a top prize of a 32GB Apple iPod Touch. Tickets are also £1 and available to prebuy.

Sing Bingo – TFI Friday

Now, for those of you with a musical mindset, the weekly Sing Bingo prize tourney will be well up your street. Every Friday at 9pm, the guys offer some fab music memorabilia, from signed display discs, photos and even guitars form some of the music world’s biggest legends, alongside regular MP3 player weeks. Tickets range in price from 1p-10p, making this a bargain basement game with top of the range prizes!

Posh Bingo – Posh Swag

Naturally, Posh Bingo are also on hand to offer a taste of the high life via some fantastic prizes in their Posh Swag game. Taking place every other Thursday at 8pm, you could win a Nintendo Wii, a digital camera, £200 in vouchers and plenty more besides, with tickets a total snip at 50p a pop!

Foxy Bingo – Super Prize Night

It’s pretty hard not to include Foxy Bingo in this list, as the guys have been giving away some super swanky iPod Nano and iPod Shuffles (plus iTunes vouchers) for as long as we can remember in their Super Prize Night. Playing every Monday, there’s no less than 10 chances to win from 8pm until 11pm. Make a night of it and you could relieve your Monday blues in no time!

Think Bingo – Movie Madness/Lappy Mania

Think Bingo have done a pretty good job of combining quality and quantity, with the guys giving away a ma-hoo-sive 50 inch Home Cinema System or 40 inch LCD TV every single Friday at 9pm in their Movie Madness game. On top of that, you can also round off the weekend with their Lappy Mania game, which offers either a swish laptop or Digicam for one lucky player at 9pm every Sunday. Tickets for the games cost £1 a pop, and of course, you can pre-buy in the Think Bingo lobby.

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