The Bingo Finder’s 5 best… End of the month promotions!

Yup, tomorrow is the last Friday of the month, which means that like clockwork, you can guarantee a ton of extra special jackpot games for your delectation. In what seems to be know around our parts as the payday promo, the online bingo world goes a bit loopy and offers you even more money to begin your next month on a real high. Check out our top picks for the best way to wave bye bye to another month – with some big money bingo fun.

What is it?!

As a way of waving away another month, online bingo sites seem to wheel out some monthly wonders, normally consisting of their biggest regular jackpot prizes. These games are always packed, but it’s a great way to get involved with some of the hottest and most buzzing bingo games out there.

Why do I want it?!

Well, if you’re gonna splash the cash on any bingo game, the one’s closest to payday make perfect sense! And you’re playing for bigger prizes than normal – because of their monthly regularity, you’ll be treated to some of the largest jackpots rather than the usual weekly treats. That said, there are some weekly games that are too good to miss, but often play on the same days as your normal monthly treats, giving you no end of options.

Where can I get it?!

The following games, in our most humble opinions, are definitely some of the best regular treats going. Expect plenty of other roomies jostling for prizes – so get those elbows out, and eyes down and bag yourself an extra payday bonus at the following bingo sites!

Costa Bingo: Costa Crazy

If you’re looking for big money free bingo games, you’ve come to the right place. This super packed game is always a delight, with plenty of roomies working themselves up into a frenzy before the game starts at 10pm. Considering it offers £10k for absolutely nothing, it’s easy to see why!

Moon Bingo: Payday Bingo

With a potential £10k on the table, this one certainly pleases most roomies looking for some end of the month fun. There’s a guaranteed £2k up for grabs, with a £10k coverall feature that means if you bingo in a certain number of calls, you can bag a bigger prize. Plays on the last Friday of every month at Moon Bingo from 10pm, and cards can be pre-bought at just 30p a go.

William Hill Bingo: £10,000 Super Bingo Linx

We’re all used to Friday fun when it comes to online bingo, but William Hill Bingo sure do buck the trend thanks to their £10k Super Bingo Linx. Playing at a host of other sites as well, this linked game runs on the last Sunday of every month, serving up £10k guaranteed for one lucky roomie. Head over at 10.30pm for kick off!

Little Big Bingo: Big Dreamer

Small is sometimes beautiful, particularly when it increases the odds of you actually bagging a big bingo win. Which is why Little Big Bingo is so good in our opinion. Less cramped than some of the other sites, the guys still offer a monthly £1k treat in the form of their Big Dreamer jackpot. Playing on the last Saturday of every month, you can grab cards for just 20p a pop – making it great value alongside great odds!

Wink Bingo: £5k Friday feeling

We’re also giving a special mention to Wink Bingo, who on the last Friday of every month not only offer their fab weekly Risk Free Frisky Friday £500 game (where you’ll get back your money if you don’t win), but also offer a fab £5k guaranteed jackpot. Playing at 10pm, you can pre-buy your cards throughout the month at just £1 a go. Save up, and you could win big – the perfect way to send off another great month of bingo.

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